Yesterday we had two questions asked in class.

How do you know what you know?


What happens when you name something?

Well the second question was very interesting to me because we said that if we name something it takes away the fear of it.

I don’t believe that to be true I only believe that, that is true about no know the unknown. If I can name the unknown then yes I am not scared of the unknown because I have named it but that doesn’t mean I am not scared about what that name maybe.

If you name a spider that is still fucking scary to me. now if you name a tv that is different it. But you can name a knife or a gun or something dangerous and how it is being used I believe it could be scary. I think that this brings a different way on how to look at naming something.



Final project

Here are my three end of the year projects that I will be bring to class tomorrow Wednesday 18, 2013

The first one on the left is about Hidden Beauty and what I think is beautiful to me but maybe not to others. What is my hidden Beauty, I like making stuff like this prototype claptrap. I want to build a big life size claptrap. I think making stuff is really cool and it is relaxing in its own way. So I want to make a big claptrap.

The second is my Identity project. I would not be who I am today with out the people in my family today. I lost my father this year and my family were there for me and my sister. My father was everything to me, He was my closes person to me in my family. When he passed in February I thought my world would follow apart but I had my family to help me though. Also my mom and my step dad or second father  Danny have also supported me with everything I ever wanted to do. They have always pushed me to do the best I can do and be the best I can be. My grandparents have always helped me out with the little things like buy books for college and the big things like buying me a truck for school after my mom wrecked my truck by mistake one late night. My sister and her husband have two little boys that I love to death. Without them I would not be an uncle or know the joy you get from being and uncle. I love Landyn and Ry so much I would take a bullet for my nephews but then again I would do that for my whole family. And my sister Ashley, we are never were really that close until she had kids, she was never at home because mom and her always fought. But we got a lot close because she was alone more after she had landyn and it was great to really get close and learn things.

The last but not least is My Fear. I am scared of spiders, I hate the way they look and just creepy to me. I am not to scared to kill them though. This is my only fear that I have left.

Yesterday I was not at class because of family emergency. But I heard we talked about identity, fear, and creativity. I know that I am afraid of a couple things but I am saving it for my end project. I am interested in seeing what other people took away from class yesterday.

For Wednesdays class we are suppose to talk about Identity.

Who am I?     I am Anthony M. Reynolds, I got my name from my father named Michael Reynolds.

Why am I here?      I am here because my mom and my dad had sex believe it or not, and they made me.

Is Identity predetermined?     I think destiny is predetermined but you chose the kind of person that you want to become in life. You show the kind of person you are by what you do in your life.

Does identity change?      I do believe you always keep true to who you are but as you get old you do grow up and change a little bit.

Are you the same person you were when you started college?        I am differently not the same person I was when I started college. I didn’t want to be in a fraternity and now I am. I changed my major from CGT to New Media. I stopped dating the girl I thought I was truly in love with, because I had to start a new life where we went always fighting. I am not the same as I was when I started college.

Who do I want to be?    I don’t know who I want to be still, that for fate and destiny to decide on where life takes me but I do want to be someone that is important, I want to be an amazing husband and a loving father but I still have a way to go.

Yesterday we did not have class, but I will remember that I was about to miss class because of my contacts gave my left eye an allergic reaction. Because class was canceled I didn’t have to miss class. I also started back at my old job in broad ripple called Taste cafe and marketplace. I also got to check out my apartments that I am moving to in July. Overall I would say today was productive.

For Wednesdays class we were suppose to take 3 hours to do anything we truly find that makes us happy. And that is what I did. I know we not suppose to blog about it so I won’t.

Also we were suppose to look at are what if questions, after looking back on some of them I can say that I really think I am leaning more towards making something. Some of the what if question like painting, not doing anything, or some of the other bull shit ones I put on my last blog just suck and that’s not what I want to do.

Last Wednesdays class we talked about what we think is beautiful or how do we define beauty.  So what would I define beauty as, well I said it was in the eye of the beholder. By this I mean What I think is beautiful, other people may say its trash. There are different ways to show this, like I like a certain car and other people could hate that brand of car. What I like in women that I think makes them beautiful other people could hate this qualities. I know that this is really hard to explain but if you believe in that beauty is in the eye of the beholder then you will get this.


Also in class on Wednesday we where suppose to make a 50 questions of what if for our beauty project. So here we go

1 What if I didn’t do this beauty project?

2What if I did do this project?

3What if I make a scruple?

4What if I break my arm and take pictures?

5What if I make something?

6What if I don’t know what to do?

7What if I try and show beauty from my self?

8What if I try to show beauty from a women?

9What if I have a firework show to show beauty?

10What if I showed beauty in the form of a game?

11What if I made paper my-say?

12What if I painted a picture?

13What if I went and took some pictures?

14What if I took pictures of my home town?

15What if I painted a picture of Indianapolis?

16What if I made a movie of beauty?

17What if we as a class didn’t a huge project together?

18What if I made a model of beauty?

19What if I made a 3D model of a women?

20What if I showed beauty in the way of life?

21What if I didn’t have 50 what if question about beauty?

22What if I had a clue on what to do for this project?

23What if I didn’t have a clue on what to do for this project?

24What if I made something for my beauty project out of cans?

25What if I made something for my beauty project out of glass?

26What if I drove my car though a house and tried to say that’s beautiful?

27What if I played a song and showed how the music is beauty in a song?

28What if I showed a movie that I thought was amazing?

29What if it was a pasted project i showed in class and thought it was amazing?

30What if I made some amazing beautiful food?

31What if I wrote a beautiful song?

32What if I wrote a beauty poem?

33What if I wrote a beautiful story?

34What if I talked about the most beautiful tasting soft drink?

35What if I talked about what I think is beautiful in women?

36What if I talked about what I think is beautiful in Family Guy?

37What if I talked about what is beautiful in Bobs Burgers?

38What if I talked about the beauty in all living things?

39What if I talked about the beauty in my secrets?

40 What if I lit myself on fire?

41What if I jumped in water?

42What if I was buried alive/

43What if I died?

44What if I skydived?

45What if I watched movies all day?

46What if I did watch movies all day?

47What if I was done with this/

48What if I wasn’t?

49What if I was so done with this?

50What if Iwas so so so done with this?